Hamilton Wright MABIE - Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 3

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Another wonderful compilation of stories edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie! This volume, the 3rd of 12, contains 2 main sections: Classic Tales and Old Fashioned Stories. Of the first section, assistant editor Daniel Edwin Wheeler says, "After our boys and girls have read the first half of this volume, containing selected and simplified stories from some of the greatest books of all time, their authors will cease to be merely names. Homer, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Cervantes and Bunyan will be found here as familiar and easy in style as "Cinderella" or "The Three Bears." The second section's introduction (by GJB) alludes to the fact that modern stories tell a tale 'just' to entertain, but old fashioned stories, such as the ones in this volume, were usually written to teach a moral lesson such as the importance of being just and good or industrious. (Summary by Ellen Preckel... and friends!)